The WRF invites young people from all over the world to share their experiences for a study on Youth in Family Farming
The study, coordinated by the WRF, is being done in close collaboration with the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia.

Wednesday, September 7.- The WRF is coordinating a study about Youth and Family Farming via the experience of young people themselves. The principal objective of this study is to analyze the condition of young people and the generational change in Family Farming on every continent. The study will also emphasize the lessons learned that have proven useful for empowering young people in family farming.


This study invites young people from all over the world to share their experience in agriculture in a brief survey available here.


They are invited to share good practices in political and social participation, sustainable agriculture, education, training, innovation, and access to land and financing mechanisms.


The study consists of eight questions that should be answered based on participants’ experience. Therefore, we invite young men and women working in agriculture to participate by answering the questions that fit their area of work and/or interest.


IYFF+10 prioritizes the advancement of rural youth

The IYFF+10 initiative, which has continued to pursue the advancement of Family Farming since the 2014 International Year of Family Farming, works on the design and implementation of agricultural, economic, and social policies that specifically address the needs of rural youth. These policies should facilitate their access to means of production (land, water, credit, markets, appropriate technologies, among others) and improve their living conditions, thereby making Family Farming an appealing occupation and preventing emigration from the countryside to the cities.


Once the outline is ready, it will be sent to the IYFF+10 World Consultative Committee (WCC) for discussion, improvement and approval. The WCC is the highest guiding organization for the IYFF+10, in charge of designing, implementing and assessing the IYFF+10 strategy. The Committee is made up of agricultural organizations, rural associations, national committees…from all over the world. Thank you for distributing this information so that we can gather the greatest possible number of experiences from all over the world.


Together we continue to advance Family Farming! We continue to build a future!


Thank you for your collaboration!


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