The clock is running
Only 62 days are left for the VI Global Conference and we face the appointment with enthusiasm

We encourage you to block your agenda. March 25th. Why? On that day, Monday, the VI Global Conference on Family Farming begins in Bilbao at the Hotel Seminario in Derio.


Don´t you know what Family Farming is? Don´t you know the World Rural Forum, whose headquarters are in a small village, Arkaute, in the Basque Country? Are you not interested?


What if we talk about the involvement of the United Nations, FAO and IFAD? What if we talk about nutrition and food security, that is, to eradicate hunger in the world?


As stated in the UN General Assembly’s Resolution of the declaration of the Decade of Family Farming, 815 million people throughout the world still suffer from hunger and 80 % of the extreme poor live in rural areas and work in agriculture.


What if we talk about economy and employment? About sustainable development? About SDGs or UN global objectives? About climate change? About cultural heritage? About land conservation?


Family Farming produces 80% of the food and supports 40% of the jobs on the planet.


There will be place to discuss in this section about the path travelled; the milestones achieved; the success obtained; the institutions and organizations involved; and about our next horizon, drawn within the framework of the Decade declared by the UN.


For the moment, remember that the Basque Country, Euskadi - land of Family Farming and “baserri” - will host, in the last week of March, an event of vital importance for all. For the 31 million people represented by the WRF specially, and for the society as a whole.


Today, 62 days are left for the start of the VI Global Conference.


The hours, minutes and seconds also run inexorably. We want you to keep in mind the time remaining for the event and, therefore, we have included a digital counter on the cover of our website.


Join us, involve yourself, count the days with us


We will be waiting for you.

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