Appearance in the Spanish Senate
Zeberio and Ortiz offered details of the VI Global Conference and demanded institutional support for family farming

Which is the first objective of the VI Global Conference scheduled in March in Bilbao? To improve the lives of the millions of people in the world who are engaged in family farming.


And how is it possible to improve the livelihood of those who dedicate themselves to small-scale agriculture?


In the first place, making increasingly visible a reality that affects society as a whole, due to its multiple implications. And, second, through public policies.


Our appearance in the Spanish Senate held last Monday, 18th, has been done keeping this in mind.


Not every day family farming takes that role in the debate and the political agenda.


The president of the World Rural Forum, José María Zeberio, and Auxtin Ortiz, its director, appeared in the Committee to present details of the recently started Decade and of the VI Global Conference, and to request commitment and institutional involvement.


Improving the lives of millions of people in the world dedicated to family farming depends to a large extent on the development and implementation of policies by States, governments and institutions.

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