The generational renewal is one of the outstanding issues that the VI Global Conference on Family Farming will address

The future of Family Farming depends to a large extent on whether there are young people, women and men, who are willing to work in this activity.


The average age of farmers increases. In the Basque Country, where the World Rural Forum is based, for each farmer under 41 years old there are 13 farmers over 55 years old. [1]


The generational renewal is one of the great challenges for the immediate future and, together with the role of women, one of the outstanding issues that we will discuss in the VI Global Conference on Family Farming.


The official program of our conference includes two specific working sessions about youth and women. Both meetings will take place on the second day, Tuesday, the 26th.


It will be interesting to know their points of view and obtain their ideas and conclusions to incorporate them into the Agenda of the Decade for Family Farming declared by the UN.


There is a series of public policies related to basic services in rural areas, training, associative culture, access to credit and financing, access to land, among others, which should be applied to ensure that young people, women and men, take the witness of their elders and bet on Family Farming.


[1] [1] Juventud Agraria en el País Vasco. Informe del FRM y Lorenzo Mz. De Salinas y Ocio.


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