• feb'18
    High Level Meeting CPLP
    Lisboa, Portugal
    6-7 February. High Level Meeting and Seminar on Family Farming in the CPLP
  • feb'18
    Meeting of the Civil Society CPLP
    Lisboa, Portugal
    Meeting and exchange with other regions on Guidelines and public policies in support of Family Farming
  • jan'18
    International conference: "Living territories for sustainable developement"
    Montpellier, France
  • dec'17
    PAC: Retos del Futuro II
    Arkaute, Álava
    Se analizará el resultado de la consulta pública de la PAC realizada por la Comisión Europa
  • dec'17
    GURE LURRA Sembrando Futuro
    Donostia, Gipuzkoa
    Meeting between the rural and urban world
  • oct'17
    Side event Decade of Family Farming
    FAO HQ, Rome
    Within the framework of the World Committee on World Food Security (CFS). With Graziano da Silva (Director General of FAO), Luis Felipe Arauz Cavallini (Minister of Agriculture and Livestock of Costa
"Every nation must have the right to develop its own local food production managed by women and men members of Family Farming1. This dynamics towards achieving Food Security and Food Sovereignty must be based on the implementation of sustainable agricultural models, resilient to climate change, such as the agro-ecological model, within the solidarity economy perspective".
Manifest of Brasilia, 2014