IYFF-2014 and Decade of Family Farming 2019-2028

The WRF led the campaign for the declaration of the International Year of Family Farming IYFF-2014 by the United Nations (A / RES / 66/222), together with more than 360 organizations from the five continents. During the celebration of the IYFF-2014, it coordinated the efforts of Civil Society Organizations.


The IYFF-2014 process now has continuity through the Decade of Family Farming 2019-2028 (A / RES / 72/239), unanimously declared by the General Assembly of the United Nations, after a year and a half of campaign led by the World Rural Forum, in collaboration with hundreds of organizations, associations, international organizations and governments.


The Decade of Family Farming 2019-2028 opens a great opportunity to improve the situation of Family Farming at global and all levels.

More information: www.familyfarmingcampaign.org

Board of Directors
  • President: Martín Uriarte (KONFEKOOP).
  • Vice-President: Alberto Broch (COPROFAM).
  • Member: AFA.
  • Member: PDRR.
  • Member: PIFON.
  • Member: PROPAC.
  • Secretary: Lourdes Nafarrate (FCI).
  • Treasurer: Jokin Gorriti (Laboral Kutxa).
  • Member: CIRAD.
  • Member: ENBA.
  • Member: HAZI.
  • Member: SOS FAIM.
  • Member: UAGA.
  • Member: UNESCO ETXEA.
  • Member: UPA.

The WRF has a Secretariat formed by a multidisciplinary team and with offices in several continents. The Secretariat headquarters are located in the Basque Country, Spain. To contact the WRF Secretariat, please click here.