IYFF-2014 launching: 22 november, 2013

The IYFF-2014 official launching will take place at the United Nations headquarters, New York.

First of all, we would like to congratulate all of you for the great work done so far by the hundreds of organizations and individuals committed to the International Year of Family Farming IYFF -2014, hoping that this Year will represent a big boost to the realization of the demands of the family farmers, peasants, indigenous people, artisan fishermen, traditional shepherds, etc.

This effort is already bearing some results of great value, as the establishment of IYFF-2014 National Committees -at this moment nearly 40- and an unprecedented movement of governments, international agencies, research institutions, and Civil Society in general. When there is just a week left, we would like to remind you a very important date: on November 22nd, the IYFF-2014 official launching will take place at the United Nations headquarters, New York.

We would like to make that date a global landmark of great significance, with simultaneous launch events in many countries, highlighting the potential, and our common desire, to boost the IYFF-2014 as a strong driver of better public policies in favor of women and men Family Farmers.

Each National Committee, in countries where it is already established, or each national organization, taking into account their own capacity and possibilities, can plan for the launching the activities that they consider most appropriate in the country or region where they work.

Some proposals that have already come to the WRF are: press conferences, thematic workshops, fairs, farmer meetings, festivals, marches, etc. There will be many diverse activities and with different scope, all equally valid, and all together, will make visible, worldwide, our commitment to a sustainable future for Family Farming.

The WRF, as the Civil Society Coordinator for the IYFF-2014, seek to provide support to your very interesting communication initiatives, picking up every one of them to be shared with other countries and organizations, as an example and an encouragement.

So, we are requesting you to consider the opportunity of organizing some IYFF-2014 activities on November 22nd, 2013, and to inform us as soon as possible so that we can share them with other countries and organizations. If this particular date is not suitable for you, it could be an earlier date during the same week.

All together we can celebrate this important day, as the starting point of the last phase of the IYFF-2014′ preparation.


José Osaba -WRF- IYFF-2014′ Civil Society Coordinator

Laura Lorenzo -WRF- IYFF-2014′ Civil Society Deputy Coordinator