Media attention

The media are reporting these days on the details of the VI Conference and on Family Farming

A positive effect of the VI Global Conference before its celebration is the attention that the media is paying to Family Farming.

Newspapers and radios from the Basque Country have already informed of the details regarding dates and place, content, objectives and participants of the conference that will begin on March 25 in Bilbao.

But not only that. The Basque newspaper of greater diffusion, El Correo, published on February 19 an interview with José María Zeberio, president of the World Rural Forum, for his appearance in the Spanish Senate.

Zeberio spoke of the “vocation” necessary to be dedicated to agriculture and the importance of having “public policies” that ensure basic conditions in rural areas.

He explained that Family Farming, and this includes artisanal fishermen, pastoralists and peasants, is distinguished because it is a family or several cooperatively united that assume the “responsibility” of exploitation.

He added that along with an improvement of the farms and livestock, the objective of small family farms is “to maintain a productive activity that progressively improves and is sustainable over time.”

The lack of young people with a desire to engage in family farming, inequalities between women and men, unfavourable conditions from the point of view of infrastructures and services in rural areas or low prices of food in a current culture that minimizes food expenses are some of the challenges and problems pointed out by Zeberio.