The World Rural Forum, rewarded for its work in favour of Family Farming

The award by the Foundation for Rural Studies recognizes the “effort and tenacity” of WRF members to “mobilize society worldwide” around the IYFF-2014.

The Spanish Foundation for Rural Studies Awards 2014 have been recently presented and the World Rural Forum (WRF) has been one of the rewarded institutions, more precisely in the category of Politics, Economics and Social Sciences.

The Foundation for Rural Studies (Fundación de Estudios Rurales, FER) has recognized the “effort and tenacity” of the World Rural Forum members, who “have managed to mobilize society worldwide in order to make possible that the United Nations declare 2014 as the International Year of Family Farming”. “The WRF has promoted the importance of family farming for food production of high quality, sustainability and protection of rural resources.”

The FER Awards were presented on 3 July during the launch event of the 2014 Yearbook of Family Farming in Spain. In addition to the WRF, the TV programme ‘Tu Tiempo’, broadcast daily on Antena 3, the territorial unions of UGT and the writer Jesús Carrasco were also rewarded.

The WRF Secretariat feels honoured about the recognition received and wants to share it with all rural and farmers’ organizations, as well as institutions, working in favour of family farming.