The WRF, supporting basque volunteers

Seven young people will participate this summer in different projects financed by the WRF in southern countries.

The World Rural Forum, as every year, once again participates in the program Basque Youth Volunteer, organized by the Basque Government. Through this initiative, a high number of young people from the Basque Country have the opportunity to participate as volunteers in different labor camps in the southern countries. This year the WRF has offered seven profiles in Bolivia, India (3), Kenya (2) and South Africa, thanks to local partners that take the volunteers in.

The fields of work are varied. In India, collaborating with the local organization Regina Pacis, the young woman chosen for the experience will work in a selected orphanage, helping the girls in their everyday activities. With CIET, on the other hand, one of the profiles involves educational activities in a boarding school; the other profile has a health care duty, supporting a health centre for needy people.

In Africa, both KIOF and BIOGI in Kenya, as well as Matat-Eda in South Africa, are organizations that work promoting family farming. For that reason, three young volunteers will participate in agricultural activities promoted by these organizations.

Finally, in Bolivia, the participant in this program will know the activities started by the CIPCA, a centre for research and promotion of the peasantry. He will also support projects directed to productivity and local capacity building. These last initiatives try to promote both farming development and democratic participation.

The WRF believes that this experience will be useful for these young volunteers. They will know the realities of the southern countries: seeing, understanding and becoming aware of their problems and strenghts, so that they will be able to share what they have learned in their inner circles of the basque society.