World Rural Forum, recognized as a “Public utility” association

The Basque Government gives this recognizition to organizations that contribute with its activities to the achievement of general interest.

The Official Gazette of the Basque Country (BOPV) recently published a decree recognizing the World Rural Forum as a “public utility” organization. The Basque Government provides this designation to associations that “contribute through the development of its activities to the achievement of the public interest or the common good, performing significantly the values of generosity, altruism, solidarity and pluralism”.

“Since its inception, the Association World Rural Forum performs all necessary activities for achieving its main purpose, which is to achieve people-based development (human development) and to support Family Farming as a way to equitable, comprehensive and sustainable rural development. It also seeks to disseminate the various problems of rural development, as well as the evolution of agriculture in the world, proposing possible solutions and joint action plans”, states the decree.