“Family farming requires an approach based on the great diversity of smallholder agriculture”

Alicia Langreo, a leader in the European agricultural and rural outlook, recently gave a talk on the occasion of the World Rural Forum’s Assembly of members.

Alicia Langreo, a leader in the European rural outlook, gave a talk on May 16 at Arkaute (Basque Country – Spain) on the occasion of the World Rural Forum’s General Assembly, in which she defended an approach to Family Farming based on diversity. Heterogeneity, as she detailed, has increased in recent decades due to family, social and economic changes in European societies.

“Smallholder agriculture is no longer the same as twentieth century Family Farming, so that it requires a more diverse and wider approach”, said Langreo, at a conference entitled Expectations of Family Farming in the Current Food System.

In this changing context, this expert in food strategies listed some ideas to boost family farms. Development of appropriate management models in order to face new realities, rebalancing of family members linked to a farm, training strategies in Research and Development and updating of the role of cooperatives, among others.

“Agriculture, as well as healthy and sufficient food, must be considered a public good. This idea should be transmitted to society”, highlighted Langreo in her speech.

A pioneer in the field of agricultural unionism in Spain, Alicia Langreo is currently a member of the board of directors of the Spanish Association of Agricultural Economics, and founder of Sabora Agrifood Strategies. Over the past few years Alicia has produced countless studies on rural issues.