The FRM faces 2013 with the challenge of boosting civil society around the IYFF-2014

The World Rural Forum holds its annual Assembly of members.

The World Rural Forum (WRF) faces this year 2013 with the main challenge of stimulating and encouraging the International Year of Family Farming 2014 of Civil Society, while trying to involve different institutions and international organizations in this important celebration.

The plan of activities for the current year was presented at the annual Assembly of associates held in Arkaute (Vitoria-Basque Country, Spain), in which last year’s accounts were approved and the budget for this year was presented.

The Assembly also confirmed the partnership of the Colombian farmers’ association Agrosolidaria, who was welcomed to the World Rural Forum. This organization integrates small producers, processors, distributors and consumers in an economic circuit framed on values such as socio economic solidarity, agroecology and rural-urban fair trade.

The Assembly concluded with a lecture by Alicia Langreo, a leader in the European agricultural and rural outlook, who talked about Expectations of Family Agriculture in Today’s Food System. Board Member of the Spanish Association of Agricultural Economics, over the past few years Alicia has produced countless studies on rural issues and, in 2012, she received the Insignia of the Order of Agricultural Merit of France.

“Agriculture, as well as healthy and sufficient food, must be considered a public good. This idea should be transmitted to society”, highlighted Langreo in her speech.