“Partnership is a key weapon for the development of family farming”

The agricultural unions in Peru recently held the CONVEAGRO XV Annual Convention with ‘The Challenge of Agrarian Associativity in Sustainable Rural Development’ as theme.

Peruvian agricultural unions participated on 17 and 18 December 2012 at the Fifteenth Annual Convention of Conveagro, which raised the urgency that the governments, the unions and producer organizations, as part of a purposeful dialogue, establish technical and legal mechanisms to facilitate business partnerships and trade associations in agriculture. The meeting brought together more than 300 agricultural leaders from across the country, under the theme ‘The Challenge of Agrarian Associativity in Sustainable Rural Development’. ‘.

As noted from Conveagro (organization associated with the World Rural Forum), rural poverty, unfair competition from imported products, domestic trade distortion, weakness of agricultural institutions (MINAG and agricultural unions), as well as other illnesses that affect sustainable development of rural areas, will be met with success only if producers are articulated by partnerships based on production lines. “Definitely one of the issues that we are determined to strengthen is the partnership, which is a key weapon for the development of smallholder agriculture and Family Farming, very valid to gain competitiveness”, said Lucila Quintana Acuña, president of Conveagro.

Quintana also called for greater participation of unions and agricultural organizations on official commissions created by the government for the implementation of activities within the framework of the International Year of Quinoa 2013 and the International Year of Family Farming 2014.

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