The World Rural Forum becomes member of the International Land Coalition

The International Land Coalition officially approves the incorporation of WRF during the Assembly held at the Global Land Forum, in Guatemala.

The Assembly of members of the International Land Coalition (ILC) officially approved on April 25 the admission of the World Rural Forum to this global alliance of Civil Society organizations. This incorporation was realized during the Global Land Forum held between April 23 and 27 in Antigua (Guatemala).

This decision consolidates the collaboration between ILC and WRF, which thus enters this important global network of organizations focused on the impact on such a crucial issue: secure and equitable access to land.

The International Land Coalition is a global alliance of Civil Society and intergovernmental organizations working together to promote secure and equitable access to and control over land for poor women and men through advocacy, dialogue, knowledge sharing and capacity building. Between April 23 and 27 it organized the Global Land Forum, where territorial governance concepts were adressed to achieve food security.

WRF took part in this event through José Antonio Osaba. The coordinator of the International Year of Family Farming 2014 of Civil Society moderated a plenary during the opening session, entitled The Future of Family Farming and Geo-political Food Economy. Two days later, during a marketplace of ideas held in the same framework, a stand on the IYFF-2014 was placed, in order to emphasize on the potential and challenges of Family Farming.