The WRF wants to give voice to the emergency measures proposed by family farming in the face of the covid-19 crisis

April 3, 2020.- The World Rural Forum-WRF calls on family farming organizations, National Committees of Family Farming (CNAF) and other dialogue platforms to collect, share and give voice to the proposals and emergency measures they are requesting or proposing at the national or sub-national level, to ensure that family farming continues to play the role guaranteeing the food safety during this time of crisis caused by COVID-19 and immediately afterward.

Even before the crisis generated by COVID-19, family farming faced enormous challenges in access to land, credit, economic viability, climate change, while 821 million people suffered from food and nutritional insecurity.
Although there are many uncertainties about the evolution and consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, the scenario that is drawn is, in any case, of increasing challenges for family farming.

In addition to the immediate health crisis, there are short, medium and long-term impacts on food systems, and especially on family farmers, who are at the center of these food systems.

Family farmers are acting with enormous responsibility, being the cornerstone in feeding the entire population. At the same time, the crisis is causing serious problems for family farmers due to the breakdown of numerous distribution channels and access to markets, difficulties in getting supplies, increasing fuel prices, etc.

Undoubtedly, this crisis is demonstrating the strategic importance of having, in each of the territories, a solid family farming, the basis of sustainable food systems and the development of rural areas.

In this context, the WRF is collecting emergency proposals/measures that family farmers’ organizations, NCFF and other dialogue platforms are requesting or proposing at the national or sub-national level, in order to share them and give them voice. These proposals can be sent by email to

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