Women of the Family Farming demand greater representation and participation in decision-making mechanisms

The 5th Global Conference of the World Rural Forum was attended by rural women from five continents to discuss their role in family farming, farming, fishing, grazing and indigenous communities worldwide.

Thursday, October 15, 2015, Arkaute. – Women of Family Farming demanded their greater representation and participation in decision-making mechanisms at a meeting during the 5th Global Conference – Let’s Build the Future: Family Farming in September 2015 in Derio, Bizkaia. Rural women from five continents signed a declaration as a result of the Seminar of Women in Family Farming based on the challenges they face.

“The woman is the protagonist in the construction of national and Community economies and guarantee food security and sovereignty of the people, but, despite progress in recent years, we still live in a situation of social and political inequality. We sign this statement on behalf of women participating in the 5th Global Conference”, said Conchi Quintana World Rural Forum.

In this way, also, the document demands that the proposals of women in all areas of incidence in the construction and implementation of the Agenda for the IYFF+10 campaign, have to be guaranteed and strengthened.


IYFF+10 Campaign, Global Impulse to Family Farming

The IYFF+10 campaign is based on the Manifest of Brasilia, signed by farmer organizations of the 5 continents, with the support of rural organizations and research centers and aims to keep getting better public policies for family farming.

The IYFF+10 will count, within its broad framework for action, with three main components: promotion of National Committees of Family Farming, construction of national and regional guidelines for family farming and promotion of participatory research. Gender equality in family farming and generational change are two priority themes for the Campaign.

As happened during the International Year, the IYFF+10 will always seek maximum cooperation and spirit of understanding between farmers’ organizations, rural associations, research centers, governments and international institutions.


5th Global Conference. Let’s Build the Future: Family Farming

The 5h Global Conference of the World Rural Forum, “Let´s Build the Future, Family Farming”, analyzed the advances in the characterization of this agricultural model and proposed dialogue mechanisms to improve work conditions and well-being of the men and women in Family Farming and proposals to connect agricultural research with the relevant peasant organizations were put forward also.

Indeed, Family Farming has been (and still is) a key element in the organization of a  thriving, fair and dynamic rural environment because the rural sector couldn’t exist without men and women farmers producing healthy food, performing an economic activity sustainable in time and carefully managing land and environment.

Therefore, exchanging ideas and examples of specific Family Farming policies means discussing the reality faced by the men and women farmers and by the sea workers. It means analyzing how a better future can be built for the millions of men and women farmers all over the world, and for all of us, in the end.


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