The Cándido Iturriaga y María Dañobeitia Foundation (IDF) has been collaborating with the WRF since its creation, being a key ally in its work to support and promote family farming around the world.


February 7, 2023.- Created in 1965 by Maria Francisca Iturriaga Dañobeitia, a visionary woman ahead of her time, the entity has sought to promote the human, social and technical training and development of those engaged in the primary sector in the Basque Country.

Since its creation, the Foundation has had a permanent presence, albeit always in a discreet background, in the steps that the rural world has been taking towards its modernization. Thus, the Foundation has contributed (and continues to contribute) to the work of the WRF in promoting family farming on five continents.

More than 5 decades later, the Foundation continues to support the first sector, in close collaboration with various entities within the sector. Currently, its main lines of work are the following: grants for agricultural research; family farming promotion ; livestock farming training promotion; analysis, reports and studies; support for agricultural employment and support for rural entrepreneurship.

The entity is currently implementing its new Action Plan, with the aim of acquiring greater social visibility, strengthening its collaboration ties with other sectorial entities, promoting new training programs, strengthening its editorial work and renewing its board of trustees to include young people and incorporate the gender perspective.

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