Dear friend,

As you know, 2022 has been remarkably complex for family farming. Multiple crises overlapping —including the climate crisis, the COVID19 impact, numerous conflicts, and the economical crisis, hunger and poverty have reached unprecedented rates experienced in the present generation and family farming has faced extreme situations. At the same time, we have observed a better understanding and a greater international recognition of the crucial role of family farming in sustainably producing high-quality food while preserving the planet. All of which are supported by the United Nations Decade of Family Farming 2019-2028, advancing firmly in various countries and regions.

The WRF and the organisations that are part of this global network have worked intensively in 2022 to promote multiple dialogues among all family farming actors and to create an environment favourable to reinforcing family farming. The WRF has 51 partner organisations, which are present and operate together in 95 countries across 5 continents. These organisations represent more than 35 million family farmers.

Through the WRF, we promote the family farming agenda within governmentsorganisations and cooperativesinternational organizations, and abroad demonstrating the unequivocal link between resilient and sustainable family farming and the response to the major challenges we have a responsibility to address; namely, climate change and biodiversity loss.

In 2022, we recognize the commitment of multiple allies in favour of family farming, the inspiring advances in certain public policies and the increased integration of family farming into other interconnected agendas, such as the food system transformation and the climate crisis. Today, the family of family farming is larger, more consolidated and open to multiple alliances, but there is still a long road ahead.

The WRF is proud to be part of this family and we look forward to making further progress in 2023. There is no sustainable future without strengthened family farming.

For a 2023 full of progress and solidarity.


Laura Lorenzo

Director of the WRF Secretary